NetSys 2019

March 18 till March 21, 2019 – Garching b. München, Germany

SDNFlex Keynote

SDNFlex Keynote

Keynote Speaker: Stefan Schmid (University of Vienna, Austria)

Titel: Algorithms for Flexible Networks: Opportunities and Challenges


Networked systems are becoming increasingly flexible, along three main dimensions: routing (enabler: software-defined networking), embedding (enabler: virtualization), and topology (enabler: reconfigurable optical technologies). This introduces great optimization opportunities but also new algorithmic challenges. In particular, these additional flexibilities can render network operation more complex. In this talk, I will give some examples of such opportunities and challenges, and will discuss open research problems. I will then sketch the vision of “self-adjusting networks”: networks which optimize and repair themselves in a more autonomous manner.


Stefan Schmid is a Full Professor at the University of Vienna, Austria. MSc and PhD at ETH Zurich (Prof. Roger Wattenhofer), Postdoc at TU Munich (Prof. Christian Scheideler), Senior Research Scientist at T-Labs in Berlin, and Associate Professor at Aalborg University, Denmark. Stefan Schmid received the IEEE Communications Society ITC Early Career Award 2016.



Video recordings of all four days are online now.

Best Paper Award NetSys 2019

The Best Paper Award of NetSys 2019 has been awarded for the Paper KOMon - Kernel-based Online Monitoring of VNF Packet Processing Times

Best Demo Award NetSys 2019

The Best Demo/Poster Award of NetSys 2019 has been awarded for the Demo GPU Accelerated Planning and Placement of Edge Clouds

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